66th NORDBAU NEUMÜNSTER | 8 - 12 September 2021 | Wednesday - Sunday

With the special exhibitions "Loft convertion and extension "and" Recycling in building construction and civil engineering", the 65th edition of NordBau shall focus on two topics, which are the focal points of many visitors.

(Neumünster) From the 9th to the 13th of September 2020, the 65th edition of NordBau will take place at the Holstenhallen Neumünster exhibition grounds in Schleswig-Holstein. For over six decades, the largest compact trade fair for construction has been the meeting point for the construction industry and all construction managers in northern Europe.

Creating new living spaces –  Convert and extend lofts!

In cooperation with the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Construction and the Schleswig-Holstein’s State guild association of the Roofing Trade, the 65th edition of NordBau with its special theme "Convert and extend lofts" will be setting an important signal, at a time when living space in metropolitan areas is becoming increasingly scarce. Thanks to the new regulation of the Schleswig-Holstein State Building Code of last year, it is now easier to create much needed living space, especially in cities. “Loft conversions also presents great potential. In Schleswig-Holstein, where living space and - above all - building plots are scarce, thousands of apartments could be built. The special theme "Convert and extend lofts" will offer the owners of residential buildings the opportunity of getting specific and practical information about the potential of their own property”, said Alexander Blažek, Chairman of Haus & Grund Schleswig-Holstein, praising the decision of the exhibition management to favor this important special theme.

Above all, the major focus of this special exhibition is the densification of existing buildings through the loft conversion and extension. There, property owners, builders, and housing associations can get to learn more and check their own properties for expansion possibilities. Inspiring ideas in 1:1 models of the Schleswig-Holstein State Guild Association of the Roofing Trade demonstrate modern approaches and options for converting lofts into pitched roofs, as well as the chance of additions to flat roofs. The Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Interior will provide information on special subsidies, distance regulations, modern building and insulation materials. The fact that NordBau opens many opportunities for many architects, civil engineers, tradesmen and property owners with this special theme is also shown by the fact that the "Construction Minister's Day" during the exhibition on September 11, 2020 is centered around the theme "Loft convertion and extension"