Conditions of Participation

for the Exhibitors of the Building Fair Nordbau

The Conditions of Participation as PDF


Nordbau takes place during the time specified on the registration form on the fairgrounds Holstenhallen in Neumünster. The official approval of the stands is conducted on the first fair day from 08.00 on. By this date the stands are required to be ready for final inspection.


Nordbau is a trade fair for the construction industry. Permitted are companies with products and / or services, such as those targeted at the construction industry. Exhibits are required to correspond in appearance and technology to the character and requirements of a construction trade fair. The Exhibitor explicitly accepts the conditions of participation by its application.


The registration is binding on the overleaf form. The exhibition management will offer the exhibitor a place depending on available fairstands, Verbal agreements only are valid if they are confirmed by the Exhibition Management in writing. The fair management reserves the right to refuse any exhibitors without giving a reason. Following the registration the participation of the exhibitor is mandatory. The exhibition stand must be occupied by stand personnel during the whole time of the exhibition. The allocation of space is conducted by the fair management. Subleasing of one or parts of the allocated exhibition space requires prior written approval by the fair management. If it is absolutely necessary, due to technical or organizational reasons, the fair management is entitled to move the booth to a different location or change the size of the exhibition space, moving or closing entrances and exits to the fair grounds. Upon taking over the standplace, the exhibitor is obliged to determine any possible impureness of the present floor. In case of any impurity the exhibitor is required to immediately inform the fair management. The exhibitor is liable for damage of any kind of the surface in case of pollution and impureness. This also applies to the failure to report any visible impurities upon take over.


a) Cancellation by the exhibitor:

After admission, the exhibitor is required to pay the full rent even if he withdraws his application or does not participate. In case of non-participation, the exhibitor cannot derive any rent reduction. The organizer also reserves the right to demand compensation. Should the organizer succeed in releasing the stand space and dismisses the original leaser from participation, the original exhibitor is entitled to cost share in the amount of at least 25 % of the rental cost charged to him.

b) Cancellation by the organizers:

Should the exhibition be made impossible by events which the fair management can not be held responsible for, the exhibitor is required to participate in the coverage of the costs as follows: If the cancellation takes place more than 6 weeks, but not later than 3 months prior to the opening date, 25 % of the space rental will be charged to cover expenses. If the cancellation occurs in the last 6 weeks before the start, the fee increases to 50 %. In addition the costs incurred by the exhibitor are to be paid. In case of the fair closing early for reasons that the fair management cannot be held responsible for, the exhibitor shall not be entitled to a refund of the rent, and has to pay the full cost borne by him.


The exhibitor are leased the floor space in the open area and in the halls – without – dividers. The rental price includes the following: General lightning and the cleaning of the passages and hallways. The dimensions of the leased floor space for exhibition stands in the halls might be reduced by the strength and size of partitions and dividers, established by the fair management.

The maximum load capacity of the hall floor is around 500 kg/sqm, with a point load of 100 kg.

The rental fee for exhibition spaces in the halls and the outdoor exhibition area can be found in the registration form. The minimum price for a place: EUR 525, - . The VAT is charged additionally. The rental fee is due no later than 30th of June in the same year of the event. No interest payments in already paid fees is made. For registrations conducted after the 30th of June the rental fee is due 10 days after the date of the invoice. In the case of delayed payments, interest for delay and expenses will be charged.


The installation dates will be announced in a timely manner on the homepage under The approval of the stands on the 1st day of the show takes place from 08.00. The dismantling can be started on the last day at 18.30 p.m. After the dismantling of the exhibition stands, the area of said stands in the halls has to be handed over clean swept and the partitions must be as delivered. The outdoor area must be cleared, leveled and free of waste and debris. Failing to act accordingly will result in the required work being carried out at the request of the fair management, at the expenses of the exhibitor. If a divider wall has been culpably damaged, it must be, if it is not recoverable, purchased at cost price by the exhibitor. Damages must be immediately reported to the fair management.

Trade fair walls and back walls made of standsystem white are obligatory and must be ordered for a fee if you do not use or rent your own trade fair or system stand

a) No stand may be cleared before the end of the fair partially or in whole. The exhibits are not allowed to be removed before the end of the fair. Exhibitors violating will need to pay a lump-sum compensation for redecorations in the amount of half the rental free. The fair management reserves the right of lien. This notice must be delivered to the representatives of the exhibitor that are present at the stand. If the right of lien has been asserted, the removal of exhibits must be ceased.

b) Exhibitor are only permitted to give away or sell small-scale exhibition goods / convenience items, and only after approval by the fair The buyers must be handed a corresponding proof of purchase, which must be presented to the fair security upon exiting the premises. Larger exhibits may only be picked up by the buyers, on the last day from 19.00. Individual exceptions can only be made in consultation and at the sole discretion of the fair management.


For the duration of the event the fair management hires a closing service for closing the halls and gates from 19.00 hrs on event days and performing security patrols on the premises up to 07.00 hrs in the morning. The stands will not be guarded. The fair management is not liable for losses or damages of exhibits and booths of any kind. Private security guards are only permitted with prior approval of the organizer. The closing and security service are commissioned by the fair management and are entitled to exercise domestic authority.


In addition to these conditions for participation, the house rules for Nordbau apply. They are content of the exhibition contract. The staff commissioned by the fair management practice the form of the house right against the exhibitors. They are entitled to be granted access at any given moment. Their instructions are to be followed.


  1. In the event of visitors suffering damages at the booths, the exhibitors carry liability. Therefore an exhibitor‘s liability insurance for all exhibiting companies is mandatory. This is calculated per exhibition booth. The exhibitors are responsible for the insurance coverage of their employees. The exhibitor liability insurance is based on the General Insurance Conditions for General Liability Insurance (AHB) and special conditions. These conditions can be viewed at the Exhibition Management. The amount insured for each insurance event is the following: EUR 2.000.000, - lump-sum for personal and / or property damage. The insurance premiums including the insurance tax is: EUR 52, - per booth in the outdoor area EUR 40,- per stand in the halls. The total amount for all damage events in one policy year is limited to twice the amount of the coverage. The premiums are charged along with the stand rental by the fair management and then delivered to the insurance carrier who creates a collection policy. The insurance policy may be inspected at the Exhibition Management. Liability claims between exhibitors among each other are excluded from coverage. In the case of an already existing liability insurance, the prior insurance will make front in case of damage.
  2. Insuring the exhibits and furnishings and the exhibiting stands is the sole responsibility of the The Fair Management assumes no liability for any damage caused by structural defects, rain leaks etc.

  3. The exhibitor is liable in any case for any damage caused by him or his employees at the leased premises, facilities, inventory, appliances, buildings, fences, floors, or are caused by the culpable violating of the contractual obligations. Against these risks, the exhibitor must insure themselves.

  4. Claims for damages against the organizer are impossible. This does not apply to claims for damages from injury to life, body or health, or if the host is responsible for the injury, and compensation of other damages based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by the organizer. A breach of duty of the organizer can be mandated by legal representative or through a fulfilment assistant.


The entry in the exhibition catalog for each company, whether exhibitor or co-exhibitor, is mandatory. For the entry in the corporate directory, the product register and on the website of the trade fair ( a lump-sum is calculated together with the stand rental fee, namely EUR 82, -. Included in this fee is the activation of the own company homepage / link. After printing the catalog, only online entries can be made. For this the reduced amount of 41, - € plus VAT will be charged.


If several exhibitors rent a stand together, each one is liable as joint debtor. Messages to the representative named in the application are deemed as notices to the exhibitors.


In case of disputes arising, for all of the participation in the fair, Neumunster will act as place of jurisdiction.

Holstenhallen Neumünster GmbH
Messeleitung NordBau
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