House rules

for the Building Trade Fair NordBau
In the interest of a smooth running event, the following regulations shall be adhered to.

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During the assembly and disassembly incoming vehicles must immediately un- or loaded and exit the fairgrounds immediately. To ensure the satisfactory assembly, we charge a deposit of EUR 25, - per vehicle, at the entrance of the fairgrounds, in compliance with the retention times (cars: 2 hours / trucks: 4 hours) it will be refunded upon leaving the premises. When exceeding the retention times, the deposit will forfeit. Please inform your employees and suppliers!

During the fair vehicles from exhibitors and suppliers are only permitted to enter the premises for immediate loading and unloading purposes until 08.30. The entire exhibition grounds must be vacated by vehicles no later than 8.45. Vehicles of any type are not permitted on the fairgrounds in the evening for safety reasons. Only in exceptional cases and only with approval of the organizer short-term entrance of vehicles in the evening is possible from 18.30 hrs. German Road Traffic Regulations - StVO - apply throughout the exhibition grounds and on the parking areas belonging to the exhibition grounds.


The exhibitor must also pay attention to the strictest observance of all police and other official regulations during the installation and dismantling. The exhibitor is liable for all damage culpably caused by him or his agents / assistants.

  1. Halls:

    The height of the fair walls is approx. 2.5 meters. It may not be exceeded in the course of the design of exhibition stands. Exceptions and specially prepared structures must be applied for at the fair management and approved in writing. The back panels of the fair stands which protrude beyond 2,50 m and are visible to the booth neighbours, have to be kept neutral white, provided they have been authorised by the tradefair management. Constructions and exhibits must comply with the building regulations and be approved from the relevant building office after application and testing. For decorative purposes only flame-retardant materials must be used. The screwing, nailing, glueing or opening of walls and floors is not permitted. When using double-sided tape, it is to be removed without leaving any residue after the event. Equipment hired from the fair management with a prior agreement, must be returned in perfect condition, otherwise the exhibitor will be charged for the cleaning costs according to hours of proof. Bricklaying above the vault must be separated from the floor covering by stable film. Floor tiles must be such that no adhesive residue remains. The use of open fire and open lightning is prohibited. Liquid fuels, such as alcohol, gasoline, kerosene etc. are not to be used for cooking, heating and operating purposes. For all heating demonstrations etc. attention to the strictest observance of the safety regulations has to be paid. Permitted are only pans and cooking devices on non-combustible surfaces. Packaging materials, paper and other easily combustible wastes and materials must not be lying around and have to be kept in the stalls and aisles. Only non-flammable waste containers must be used in the stand area.

  2. Open-air site:

    Earth moving and excavation or drilling may be made only with the prior written approval of the organizer. All damage, especially cable and line damage and its consequences caused by unauthorized earthworks in the outdoor area, shall be borne by the exhibitor. According to state building regulations Schleswig-Holstein §6 and §31, the minimum distance between portable buildings and solid buildings has to be to 5 m in principle. Exceptions for larger distances shall be checked by the local fire brigade and are subject to approval, provided that the requirements are fullfilled.

  3. Equipment and Product Safety Act:

    Compliance with the Equipment and Product Safety Act (ProdSG / GPSG): The exhibitor undertakes to only display those machines, equipment and other products as comply with the Equipment and Product Safety Code GPSG and associated ordinances (GPSGV), by means of which the relevant EU directives have been enforced.

The exhibitor is required to identify exhibits that do not meet the above conditions by a visible sign, which indicates that they do not meet the requirements of the GPSG and can be purchased in the countries of the European Economic Area only if a match corresponding to the provisions is established.For demonstrations, stand personal is required to ensure that the in the government and trade association law described precautions to protect people are met. Machine and appliance components may only be operated if all safety devices are activated.


On the stand, for the duration of the event, in a recognizable way for everyone, the name and address of the exhibitor have to be displayed. It may be required, for own stand constructions, to submit measure and color designs beforehand to the Exhibition Management for approval. The use of prefabricated or modular stands must be expressly stated in the application. The company responsible for the design and construction must be communicated to the fair management. Design measures of stands and / or presentation of products must not affect neighbouring exhibitors negatively. Exceeding the stand limitation is not allowed in any case. Exceeding the prescribed height requires consent of the fair management. The Fair Management may require that stands, whose construction has not been authorized or exhibits that are to be considered by appearance, smell, obvious faults or impairment of third parties to be unsuitable to be changed or entirely removed. If the exhibitor doesn’t comply with the written request, the removal or alteration by the fair management, at the expenses of the exhibitor, can take place. If the stand must be close for the same reasons, a claim for refund of paid charges is not granted.


Electricity, water and telephone can be installed at the request and expense of the exhibitor (order forms). It is to be noted, in particular, that waste water connections can be installed only on small lifting equipment in the halls 2-5. It is strictly prohibited to dispense of waste water or other liquids anywhere else than at the designated locations. The exhibitor is liable for damage or consequential damages in case of non-compliance with this regulations. The technical facilities, such as light, water, gas, spotlights, heating, sound system, are monitored by the fair management. The independing connections to the lighting-, power system etc. is strictly prohibited. In case of unexpected, affecting operational failures or other, event disabling circumstances, the exhibitor may not derive legal right or liability. The consumption control is carried out through meter reading before commencement of construction and after the dismantling and cleaning, by a representative and will be recorded in a log.


The distribution of printed materials and the addressing of visitors is only permitted within the proximity of the rented stand. Exceptions require the approval of the organizer. The use of loudspeaker systems, music and photo performances of any kind - even for advertising purposes - requires explicit approval, and notice must be given in a timely manner. We explicitly point out that music playback for entertainment by the exhibitor is subject to the GEMA. The demonstration of machines, acoustic equipment, photo and video equipment, etc., even for advertising purposes may be restricted or permissions revoked in the interest of an undisturbed continuation of the exhibition, even after already having been granted permission. The volume is set so that neighboring exhibitors are not disturbed. From the fair management a loudspeaker system is operated. The fair management reserves the right to announcements. Announcements for promotional purposes are not permitted.For the duration of the fair, an authorized fair photographer operates, who can be booked. Other photographers commercially operating shall be notified to the fair management.


The staff commissioned by the fair management practice the form of the domiciliary rights against the exhibitors. They are entitled to be granted access at any given moment. Their instructions are to be followed. All provisions of the police, fire and magisterial authorities must be respected. The technical equipment may only be operated by personnel authorized by the Exhibition Management service forces. All fire alarms, fire extinguishers, hydrants, smoke flaps (traction device), electrical distribution and control panels, and telephone distribution and ELA equipment must be kept free and unobstructed. The night guards are equipped with guard dogs.


After the daily closing, the halls and the grounds are to be vacated by 19.30. Any prolonged stay (max. to 21.00) has to be pointed out to the fair management, including names and reason. A check-out is required.


For trash, waste and construction debris in small quantities, the garbage containers are to be used. For larger amounts of container are to be ordered, at the expense of the exhibitor, via the Exhibition Management.


To prevent theft, the exhibitors are advised in their own interest, to lock away easily transportable exhibits outside the opening times or to load them immediately after the event.


The official sale of food and beverages at the fairgrounds is a matter of the fair management or the tenant of public catering establishments.


After the dismantling of the exhibition stands, the area of said stands in the halls has to be handed over clean swept and the partitions must be free of wallpaper remnants. The outdoor area must be cleared, leveled and free of waste and debris. Damages must be reported to the trade fair management immediately.

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