The 68th NordBau - Maintaining and increasing the value of property through renovation and new energy technology - Construction measures for sustainable water management - Keeping an eye on the next generation.

(Neumünster) From 06 to 10 September 2023, NordBau opens its doors to everyone who wants to make their properties fit for the future. The transitioning of heating systems affects us all and every building, but there are individual solutions for resource and cost-saving heating and energy technology. The exhibitors at the 68th NordBau show products and concepts, give advice and practical tips on implementation for renovation and refurbishment for one's own home, rental properties, commercial buildings, and upcoming construction projects.

Energy saving and increase in value through advice and a wide range of products and services

The central contact point for heating and energy technology is Hall 7, where visitors will find a large selection of relevant manufacturers and, at the same time, companies that can carry out installations. Devices for alternative energy generation and saving are the focus. The central advice stand of the consumer advice centre and Haus & Grund will again be in the middle of the hall due to the great demand last year. Through forward-looking planning and retrofitting, taking efficiency into account, individual solutions for energy use can be identified - for households and businesses. The experts on site will be available to answer questions - without prior appointment.

Of course, the exhibitors at the largest compact trade fair for building in northern Europe also offer many other products to improve and thus increase the value of the property. From insulation material, windows and doors to tiles, bathroom fittings and kitchens to offers for exterior design - carports, garden fences, paving stones.

NordBau has the right tools and construction equipment for anyone who wants to get hands-on or is active in the construction industry. The fully booked outdoor area shows the range of construction machinery and equipment for building construction and civil engineering as well as commercial vehicles. The share of vehicles with battery and electric operation is steadily increasing, as is the digitalisation of construction sites.

Efficient water management:

A major task for the construction industry - major benefits for all

New technologies and solutions also play a decisive role in this year's special theme at NordBau: "Water... & build - heavy rain, flood protection, water supply and environment". Competent and committed partners will shed light on the challenges and (constructional) developments that are becoming increasingly urgent around sustainable water management. Ideas, practical solutions and scientific models are presented that are intended to inspire or can also be implemented directly: Near-natural hydraulic engineering, rainwater retention basins, fish ladders, energy self-sufficient and crisis-proof waterworks, green roofs with delayed water run-off for further water supply, models for dike construction and coastal protection, water hazard management, safeguarding drinking water quality - to name just a few examples. Municipalities, construction companies, planning institutions and all interested parties will receive answers on risk assessment, how to minimise impacts and how to exploit opportunities. The special show in Hall 6 (and Hall 4) shows visitors the resilience of the water industry - supplemented by accompanying seminars. The construction industry has challenging tasks ahead of it.

Focus on water: Opening with representatives from politics, business and industry
The official opening of NordBau already focuses on the special theme "Water...& build". Schleswig-Holstein's Minister of Economics, Transport, Labour, Technology and Tourism, Claus Ruhe Madsen will open the fair on 06 September at 11 am. Gesine Strohmeyer, Managing Director of HAMBURG WASSER, will focus on the resilience of the water industry. And Lykke Leonardsen, an expert from Copenhagen's local government, will present the Danish capital's path to becoming a Sponge City. A model for other major cities. 

Sustainability in building construction

The environment and sustainability are also playing an increasingly important role in building construction. The Materialprüfanstalt Schleswig-Holstein and the Forum Kreislaufwirtschaft - consisting of important players and associations in the building industry - present possibilities for energy-saving and resource-saving construction. In addition to mineral building materials, such as bricks, clinker, sand-lime bricks and concrete, recycled materials are becoming increasingly important for building projects: "ReUse".  The ecological footprint and climate considerations are an essential factor for building in the future.

Promoting, researching, giving opportunities

The Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Architects and Engineers will be awarding the Axel Bundsen Prize at a ceremony at NordBau on 07 September. The winners are selected from submitted works with special reference to digitalisation and/or sustainability. The aim is to strengthen and thus promote the education and training of the next generation of architects and engineers working in construction.

Students from the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences will be presenting the "Hexastone" research pavilion in Hall 1, which was created using the concrete 3D printing process and, from the point of view of the university and the industry, represents a significant advance in this future segment. Together with the industry partners Sika Deutschland and Vertico, it was possible to test and optimise processes and material use in a practical way.

The TH Lübeck is also on site with the inter-university project "Unity". Students had the task of designing and building pleasant and dignified temporary accommodation for Ukrainian refugees. One module is already being used in Ukraine, a second will be presented at NordBau. Information about the construction method, the building materials and digital support for self-construction included.

On Thursday, 07 September, the fair with numerous industry partners and organised by the Institute for Talent Development will once again provide orientation for choosing a profession and training: Fascination Construction Professions - nordjob Bau. Pupils from general education and pre-vocational schools will receive practical information from the participating companies and have the opportunity to talk in an uncomplicated way, ask questions and discover job opportunities.

The Start-Up Stage 2023 in Hall 4 will also focus on exchange. LECTURA GmbH initiated this format with the support of the Federal Association for Digital Construction (BDBau). Young companies are given the opportunity here to enter into conversation with the classic construction industry: Present ideas and concepts, recognise pitfalls, break up deadlocked paths. On all five days of the fair there will be short presentations of the start-ups on a separate stage.

Extensive training programme

The fair will again be accompanied by an extensive training programme. More than 4,500 conference participants are expected to attend over 50 lectures at NordBau, half of which are officially recognised training events by the SH Chamber of Architects and Engineers. Trade fair visit included.