66th NORDBAU NEUMÜNSTER | 8 - 12 September 2021 | Wednesday - Sunday

(Neumünster)  NordBau 2020 cannot take place in the usual form. The organizers are reacting to the current hygiene and safety regulations in light of the corona pandemic and are drawing up an alternative concept for a construction exhibition with accompanying seminars from Wednesday, September 9 to Saturday, September 12, 2020.

In discussions with the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry for Economic Affairs, it has become clear that, from today's perspective, there is no viable basis for being able to start the NordBau in the usual way only with adjusted hygiene and safety measures.

Nevertheless, the Ministry is in no doubt that the NordBau audiences should also have the opportunity this year to get to know new products or to receive specialist advice. The state of Schleswig-Holstein supports the trade fair management in offering a viable alternative solution. Exhibitors should be able to make up for lost business and continue existing business and relationships.

From the state government's point of view, however, one thing is clear: the rules on distancing and contact, as well as the rule of thumb for retailers, that if possible, there should be no more than one person or group of people from the same household per ten square meters of exhibition space form will continue to form the framework for the new concept.

In times of the pandemic, in-house exhibitions, large product presentations and numerous appointments are not easily possible. The new concept is intended to enable participating exhibitors in particular to invite and meet their customers in a targetted manner. The spacious outdoor area with the adjoining halls and the available organization with coordinated protective measures allow this for all those who want to use such an offer.

(Neumünster) From the 9th to the 13th of September 2020, the 65th edition of NordBau will take place at the Holstenhallen Neumünster exhibition grounds in Schleswig-Holstein. For over six decades, the largest compact trade fair for construction has been the meeting point for the construction industry and all construction managers in northern Europe.

Creating new living spaces –  Convert and extend lofts!

In cooperation with the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Construction and the Schleswig-Holstein’s State guild association of the Roofing Trade, the 65th edition of NordBau with its special theme "Convert and extend lofts" will be setting an important signal, at a time when living space in metropolitan areas is becoming increasingly scarce. Thanks to the new regulation of the Schleswig-Holstein State Building Code of last year, it is now easier to create much needed living space, especially in cities. “Loft conversions also presents great potential. In Schleswig-Holstein, where living space and - above all - building plots are scarce, thousands of apartments could be built. The special theme "Convert and extend lofts" will offer the owners of residential buildings the opportunity of getting specific and practical information about the potential of their own property”, said Alexander Blažek, Chairman of Haus & Grund Schleswig-Holstein, praising the decision of the exhibition management to favor this important special theme.

Above all, the major focus of this special exhibition is the densification of existing buildings through the loft conversion and extension. There, property owners, builders, and housing associations can get to learn more and check their own properties for expansion possibilities. Inspiring ideas in 1:1 models of the Schleswig-Holstein State Guild Association of the Roofing Trade demonstrate modern approaches and options for converting lofts into pitched roofs, as well as the chance of additions to flat roofs. The Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Interior will provide information on special subsidies, distance regulations, modern building and insulation materials. The fact that NordBau opens many opportunities for many architects, civil engineers, tradesmen and property owners with this special theme is also shown by the fact that the "Construction Minister's Day" during the exhibition on September 11, 2020 is centered around the theme "Loft convertion and extension"

(Neumünster) The 64th edition of NordBau ended successfully in the evening of Sunday, 15th September 2019. Despite the complete closure of the A7 motorway due to construction work on the "Hamburger Deckel", interested parties were not deterred from visiting the largest compact exhibition for construction in Northern Europe: 836 exhibitors from 13 countries were delighted to have about 62,600 visitors!

What was already apparent at the opening of the 64th edition of NordBau, with numerous celebrities from politics, business and the industry, continued seamlessly over the following days of the exhibition: the positive mood due to a stable order situation in the construction industry, combined with the will to move forward through future-oriented projects like the Fehmarnbelt crossing through an 18-kilometer immersed tunnel, for example. The positive spirit of optimism was not only conveyed by the exhibitors but was equally reflected in the full exhibition hall and in the numerous trade fair visitors in attendance. In short, the mood during the 64th edition of NordBau could not have been better! Many exhibitors highlighted the high level of expertise of the visitors.

KNOWLEDGE creates Living spaces: The focal points of the 64th edition of NordBau set important accents and hit the spirit of the times

At the opening of the 64th edition of NordBau, the Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein, Daniel Günther, and the Lord Mayor of the city Neumünster, Dr. Olaf Tauras, met for the first time with the representatives of the Scandinavian countries; the Ambassador of the Republic of Finland, Anne Sipiläinen; the Ambassador of Denmark, Friis Arne Petersen; and the Norwegian Honorary Consul, Detlef Palm, and discussed the economic and cultural opportunities that the growing Baltic Sea region brings to the people of Northern Europe. Previously in a keynote speech, the Honorary Consul of Finland who is equally the CEO of HanseBelt Initiativkreis, Bernd Jorkisch, emphasized the importance of the largest North European construction project, the Fehmarnbelt crossing, for the whole of Europe and its connections to the economic routes to Asia and Eastern Europe.

(Neumünster) The 64th edition of NordBau will take place from the 11th to the 15th of September at the Holstenhallen Neumünster. For over six decades, the largest compact construction exhibition in northern Europe has been the exchange platform and contact point for all construction managers and the construction industry in the entire Baltic Sea region!With its special exhibitions, "Sports facilities for the Future", "Designing Living Spaces + SmartHome" and "Digital Construction Site Part 2", NordBau will again this year be focusing on current developments. In addition, NordBau will for the first time allow visually impaired people to take a guided tour through the exhibition grounds.

Construction project brings people and cultures together. Strengthening the Baltic Sea Region

The launching of the 64th edition of NordBau will be dedicated to the currently largest and most expensive European infrastructure project  - the Fehmarnbelt crossing! The pioneering 18-kilometer-long immersed tunnel does not only connect the northern European countries to the economic area of ​​mainland Europe, but also strengthens the entire Baltic Sea region, creating bridges that will make people around the Baltic Sea to get culturally even closer together. The importance of this unique construction project is also highlighted by the large number of prominent figures who will attend the official opening of the 64th NordBau edition on September 11, 2019: Presenter Michael Grahl may in addition to the Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein, Daniel Günther, and the Mayor of the City Neumünster, Dr. Ing. Olaf Tauras, also be welcoming the ambassadors of the four northern countries: Anne Sipiläinen, Her Excellency the Ambassador of Finland; Petter Ølberg, His Excellency the Ambassador of Norway, Per Thöresson, His Excellency the Ambassador of Sweden and Friis Arne Petersen, His Excellency the Ambassador of Denmark. In addition, the NordBau will also be welcoming the CEO of HanseBelt Initiativkreis e.V. who is equally the Honorary Consul of Finland, Bernd Jorkisch, who will give his presentation on: "On to new horizons - we build a region of the future" wherein he will talk to all guests about the progress of the project, as well as its enormous challenges. "The realization of the Fehmarnbelt Crossing will enable a new European future axis between the cities of Hamburg and Copenhagen-Malmö, which will guarantee the North with diverse opportunities for positive economic and social development," says Bernd Jorkisch confidently.