64. NORDBAU NEUMÜNSTER | 11 - 15 September 2019 | Wednesday - Sunday

NordBau 2017: Focus on Digitization and Green to the City Show how Construction and Municipalities can Benefit

Neumünster. The  digitization  of construction, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and the creation of more green in the urban area are the main topics of this year's NordBau (13th to 17th September 2017, Holstenhallen Neumünster). The programme includes a wide range of lectures and trainings courses and the presentation of all novelties with regards to the construction machines.  The fair expects more than 60,000 visitors.

From Digitization of Construction to the City Greening Projects: NordBau 2017 Shows how the Construction Industry can Benefit

Neumünster. Digital networking in construction and the advantages of urban greening are the megatrends of the construction industry. The 2017 NordBau (13th - 17th September, 2017, at Holstenhallen Neumünster) puts both topics at the heart of the exhibition program. The topic on infrastructure will also play an important role at this year’s exhibition. High-ranking guests from politics and business are expected to be present.

NordBau 2017: The Deutsche Bahn Netz CEO, Rompf, opens NordBau

Neumünster. Professor Dirk Rompf, Chief of Deutsche Bahn Netz AG, for network planning and large scale projects, is opening NordBau 2017 (13th – 17th September 2017, Holstenhallen Neumünster). His keynote speech will be addressing the topic "Project Acceleration and Partnership Project Management. Infrastructure investments in North Germany”. At this year's NordBau, Deutsche Bahn will be providing comprehensive information on major railway projects in the North of Germany.

NordBau 2017: Deutsche Bahn informs about the upcoming major projects in Northern Germany

Neumünster. Germany will be investing heavily in infrastructures in the coming years. The Deutsche Bahn's railway network will also be rebuilt and expanded. At the NordBau of 2017 (13 to 17 September 2017, Holstenhallen Neumünster) DB Netz AG will present on how the construction industry can be integrated into the planned construction measures.

NordBau 2017: Special Exhibition "Green to the City“ Shows Value Increases on Real Estate Properties and the Advantages to Municipalities.

Neumünster. The sustainable planning and management of public and private green spaces is becoming increasingly important in cities. At the NordBau 2017 (from 13 to 17 September 2017, Holstenhallen Neumünster), the benefits and options of the greening will be presented, under the motto „Green to the City“.