Press release

NordBau 2023: Changes and new beginnings – the exhibitors at the construction trade fair showed solutions for sustainable water management and provided support for deci- sions concerning one's own property.

(Neumünster) The 68th NordBau came to an end on Sunday evening, September 10, 2023 after five intense days of sunshine and trade fair. The 676 exhibitors presented an impressive trade fair in scope and attractiveness on the fully booked Holstenhallen grounds: Starting in the outdoor area with an impressive variety of machines and construction equipment for road construction and civil engineering, the growing share of vehicles with battery and electric drive, manoeuvrable equipment for municipal use, versatile commercial vehicles for construction and trade and garden equipment. In the halls, too, exhibitors presented a wide range of products for building and living: Tools, workwear, tiles, bathroom equipment, kitchens, stoves, insulation materials, windows, doors, bricks and much more.

The 68th NordBau - Maintaining and increasing the value of property through renovation and new energy technology - Construction measures for sustainable water management - Keeping an eye on the next generation.

(Neumünster) From 06 to 10 September 2023, NordBau opens its doors to everyone who wants to make their properties fit for the future. The transitioning of heating systems affects us all and every building, but there are individual solutions for resource and cost-saving heating and energy technology. The exhibitors at the 68th NordBau show products and concepts, give advice and practical tips on implementation for renovation and refurbishment for one's own home, rental properties, commercial buildings, and upcoming construction projects.

68th NordBau - outdoor area fully booked and highly topical themes in the halls: Water security, energy saving, attracting young talent and much more.

(Neumünster) The 68th NordBau will take place from 6 to 10 September 2023 at the Holstenhallen Neumünster exhibition centre. The largest compact trade fair for construction in northern Europe is a meeting place and exchange platform for the construction industry and all those responsible for construction from the entire Baltic Sea region. Visitors can expect a fully booked outdoor area with a wide range of construction machinery and equipment for building construction and civil engineering as well as commercial vehicles. The proportion of vehicles with battery and electric operation is steadily increasing, as is the digitalisation of construction sites. The halls offer comprehensive information for architects, planners and builders.

Giving space to new ideas: Recycling concepts and start-ups at NordBau.

(Neumünster) Construction is associated with a high consumption of resources, and also with strong emissions. Both require new approaches - at a time when savings and sustainability are the order of the day for almost all economic and social sectors. Because building is still necessary: scarce living space and increasingly dilapidated infrastructure should be a thing of the past.

"Water ... & build" - challenges and opportunities for the construction industry: NordBau provides orientation

(Neumünster) An unusually wet spring followed by a dry early summer. This is what we are currently experiencing in Germany. What would it be like to increasingly direct rainwater in such a way that water stored during dry phases can be used? And that too much water does not turn into regional disasters? So far, this is happening here and there. But in order to be able to react appropriately to changes in weather and climate, a wide variety of solutions are needed, covering almost the entire region. All this entails immense tasks for the construction industry.

NordBau stays tuned: Picking up on important topics of the construction industry and delving into them.

(Neumünster) From 6 to 10 September 2023, the 68th NordBau will take place at the Holstenhallen Neumünster exhibition centre in Schleswig-Holstein. For over six decades, it has been the meeting place for the construction industry and all those responsible for construction in the northern half of Germany and its neighbouring Scandinavian countries.